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I learn to ride a bicycle in Netherlands! Finally!

I learn to ride a bicycle in Netherlands! Finally!

Netherlands, country of bicycle. When I decided to move to Rotterdam to study, I also decided to learn how to bike, my resolution since 2012! I know, right? It’s never too late to learn something, including to achieve your resolution from 5 years ago! (as […]

I Finally Made My Own Recycle Groceries Bag

I Finally Made My Own Recycle Groceries Bag

Lately, sustainability and eco-friendly become a hot topic between me and my friends. We realize that the earth is slowly being destroyed by human act, with or without intention. Some of us come with ideas that we can do as a group, but I would […]

Talk to me….not

Everyone is different. I always think that I have different perspective and opinion about something. But, I also think that human are not really different to each other. Somehow at some point, we can relate. So I would like to share this and find out […]

Does God answer prayers?

Hey friends! I just want to share what happened to me recently. It is actually my friend’s experience about prayers, but I am involved in that and I think it is great to share in different perspective, so… here goes Prayers As a brief introduction, […]

I hope everyone make it

  I hope everyone make it, so people are busy being happy, rather than be jealous of what others have. We sometimes don’t realize of what we have, and start to look around and find out that others have more than we do. Then, we […]

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