Why and How I Started a Travel Blog

Why I Started a Travel Blog

Why and How I started a travel blog

First of all, Pensieve Bowl is turning 1…..yayyyy!

It’s been one hell of a year and I’m grateful for that. It started one year ago when I was away from home for a year and decided to learn and explore more. Before I jump into my story, I have to remind once more that everybody’s story is different. It may be nothing for some people, but hopefully, some of you can be inspired or encouraged by this. The least, I just expect that you’ll enjoy reading it as a story 🙂

So, I was away from home for a year last year. As a background story, I live in Indonesia, where despite many problems and challenges we have, life here is easy and then I stayed in the Netherlands for a year. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t occur to everybody here, but this story is based on my experience and point of view. In many houses there are helpers, online transportations are cheap with many promos, and not to mention 24 hours affordable food options.

Living on my own gave me a lot of opportunities to learn and explore more. It could be done without living abroad or even moving out of the house, actually. But, the extreme different circumstances that I had made me feel even more struggling. I learned how to cook for the first time in the Netherlands, and I learned how to ride a bike in the Netherlands as well. Those two skills are basic survival needs for me haha!

Read about how I learned to ride a bike here

Travelling for me

Besides that, I also try to do other stuff around the house or outside of the house. For example, I tried composting, strolling around the city, and of course, travel. I like traveling even before I stayed in Europe, but there, the transportation systems are just easy if you want to go places. So, guess what I did? Yup! I had my first solo traveling there…. to Iceland 😀 As a girl all the way from Indonesia, I just felt that it was a really brave move of me haha.

Iceland trip

Little me in big Iceland 😀

Visit my Iceland story here

I stayed in the Netherlands funded by scholarship. I’m thankful for the scholarship that funded me. But, if people think that I spent the money traveling, well, let them think what they think. But, remember when I said that cooking and riding a bike is a basic survival skill? I saved a lot of money to travel by doing that 😀 I cooked almost every day and ride a bike almost everywhere every day, during the sun, the rain and the snow. Yeah, I’m determined like that 😀

I enjoy visiting places so much even before I was in Europe. I don’t do it because it’s cool or something, but it’s rather therapeutic for me. Some people don’t see it that way, but I’m fine with that. That’s why when I lived away from my family and friends, I still found my joy by visiting places. Traveling is not the number one or only source of my joy, but it’s quite important 🙂

Pensieve Bowl for me

From my experiences traveling in the past year, I just felt that I gain a lot of lessons, memories, and of course experiences (it’s rather redundant haha!). To keep those memories, I took a lot of pictures. But then, details can be lost if you only see pictures. Besides, at times I only took scenes that I found pretty. Of course, it doesn’t capture the whole picture of the places that I went. So, I decided to write the stories down to…….. and make my own Pensieve Bowl! 🙂 For you Potterhead, you know what a pensieve is. Prof. Dumbledore put thoughts from his mind to be checked later. So, yeah, I want to pour my thoughts here to keep the memory and read it again later during my leisure time.

Initially, I was doing it for me. I don’t really share my articles a lot for people to read. Well, mostly because I was thinking of external confirmation, what people think about my site or what I write. But, I started it as my own treasure that I’m willing to share with people, so I shouldn’t be bothered with what people think, right?

Now, after a year of putting my thoughts here, I am glad to continue with more posts and looking forward to the future experiences that I can share here. I need to keep reminding myself that I’m doing it for me and it’s a huge bonus if people like reading it 🙂

Disclaimer: This post contains my honest review based on my experience using the product. By buying the product from the link I give you here, I will get some compensations without adding anything to your cost. Your purchase is supporting me and I highly appreciate that. Thank you 🙂

How I Start Travel Blogging

Once I decided to start making my own blog, I searched for How to Start a Blog. This is my first time, so I didn’t have any idea how to make it. It helped me a lot to find articles with a tutorial on how to Start a Blog. I decided to make my blog with the paid one and not the free one because I want to have my own website.

If you want to follow my steps and start making your blog with the paid one, I suggest using Bluehost as your hosting. It is important to have a hosting that is reliable with good service that will take care of your website. I recommend Bluehost because it works for me. (These steps are not only for travel blogger but also others)

1. Bluerock Home

I if you select here, you will find the best web hosting that I also use for my site. You will find:

How to Start a Blog

After that, click “get started now” to go to the next page to select your plan.

2. Select Plan

After selecting the “get started now”, you will be directed to the select plan page. There are 3 plans available, you can choose according to your own need or budget. I personally choose the basic plan. To be honest, I was and am still a newbie, I don’t have a lot of budgets to start. So, Bluehost package plans are still the best options for me. Start now! With only 3.95$/ month, you can have your own site 🙂

How to start a blog

3. Domain

The third step is to choose your domain name. There are a lot of suggestions from bloggers in choosing your domain name. Some of them are easy to remember-name, catchy name, match it with your niche, and so on. I don’t really follow that because I find my own reason or meaning behind the name. Anyways, this is how the page will look like:

How to start a Blog

4. Account Information

Going to next step is to fill your account information. The image below would be self-explanatory, but just be sure to put your correct email address. If you are confused to fill the Business Name while you don’t have one, don’t be, as it’s optional to fill in that column.

How to start a blog

PS: I know that I only signed up for 1 year, but bruh, you actually save a lot if you subscribe for 3 years in one package. Also, 3 years without worrying that your site would be expired or even worse, gone if you forget to renew!

5. Payment Information

Next to the scary thing, seeing the money disappear from your account. Lol! But, don’t worry though, it’s a good adventure for the next year(s).

Payment information

The image above is how the page will look like. If you don’t have a credit card, I hope you have a PayPal account. If you use a credit card, just put your number there. For those who don’t can look for other possible options by clicking “more payment options”. I used PayPal options, so I clicked “more payment options” and follow the instruction to complete the payment.

6. Choose Password

Your website is almost ready. The next step is to create a password for your account. Ever have problems in remembering your password? Same here. What I can say is just take a note that you can always look up everytime you remember. It can be a note on your phone.

After you complete your payment, you’ll see something like this:

How to start a blog

Click the green thingy to see something like this:

How to start a blog

Put your password on the first and second column, tick the tiny box next to the “I have read…” and click the “next” button. Then you’re done! 😀

How to start a blog


How to Launch Your Blog Site

After completing the steps to sign up your page, let’s prepare your website more so it will be ready to be launched. You see, there is this blue button that guides you to “log in” on the page. Click that button to get to the first step to pamper your site!

1. Pick a Theme

There are a lot of theme options, free and paid ones. Put into mind that your readers might use different devices to read your page. Find a theme that suits you and work with different devices like PC, phone, ipad, etc. The page will appear in the image below:

how to start a blog

And then, all done in setting your theme and you can log in to your WordPress account.

2. WordPress Dashboard

You will then land on WordPress dashboard, where you can find all the tools to build your website.

how to start a blog

Bluehost will even help you to set up your site.

4. Bluehost Tools

If you still want to work on your site before it’d launched, you can. Then you can press the button “launch” when you are ready.

how to start a blog

You still need to put the title of your site and description of your site. It will make your visitors know what to expect from your site.

how to start a blog

5. Bluerock Control Panel

From here, you can log in to your WordPress, and start posting 😀

how to start a blog


The steps that I explained above are just a guide to start. There is a lot to explore the stuff that can support and expand your site. If you start your own blog after reading this, I want you to comment on my post. I want to hear your “why” story in starting a blog 🙂