Amazing Pictures of Moroccan Desert!

My last experience visiting the African continent for the first time was amazing! I could escape the cold weather of Netherlands for a moment. While of course carrying my thesis with me! One of the most unforgettable moment is when we travel to the Moroccan desert in Merzouga, a little village in the Southeastern part of Morocco.

pictures of Moroccan Desert


Moroccan Desert

This year of 2017 is really the year when I really see places I’ve never seen before. This year is also my first experience going to the desert and collecting some pictures of sand dunes that never got me bored! The travel to the desert was with a night bus from Fez to Merzouga and then with a smaller bus to the hotel near the desert.


Sweet Camel

The journey to the desert was started with this sweet camel 🙂

The camel ride was sweet for the first 30 minutes because we were excited with the new experience and in awe with the view. However, the desert trip was a 2 hours camel ride to the camping site in the middle of the desert. No complaining, just holding on to the camel, really! 😉

Despite the “comfortable” camel ride, the view was amazing! After around 30 minutes riding, we didn’t see anything else but sands. The city disappeared and there was no sign of the hotel where we departed.

Moroccan desert 1


We departed from the hotel around 5 pm, so it was not that hot anymore. It was quite windy and wearing flowy pants with shirt and scarf was a handy clothing for the camel ride. Because of the wind, sometimes the sand got into my eyes. I already wore shades, but still, sometimes it found the way to my eyes!

Amazing view!

In the middle of nowhere in the desert, what else that you can see but sands? But, did it make me bored? Nahh! It’s even more interesting because the next day when we got back to the city and went through the same journey, I’m not sure if nothing’s the same or nothing’s different.

camel ride

Camel ride

camel ride 2

We are so small in this world

Being in the desert also reminds me of the wise saying that we are so small in this universe. It was a nice moment of reflection as well to be grateful for what I have. On the other hand, I also learned not to think that my problem is the most important thing or a fatal thing. I learned to worry less and be grateful more.

desert 2

sand dune

desert 3

beautiful pattern of the dune

The texture of the sand was so soft. It was so comfortable and reminded me of another quote:

“Relationships – of all kinds – are like sand held in your hand. Held loosely, with an open hand, the sand remains where it is.The minute you close your hand and squeeze tightly to hold on, the sand trickles through your fingers. …” -Kaleel Jamison

sunrise at the desert

sunrise at the desert

Last but not least, sunrise at the desert! Who doesn’t like a sunrise? Well, there is no sunrise and sunset that I don’t like, so far. Even though the one that is barely seen like this one 😉 Look, it even emphasizes more the texture of the sand!


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