My Experience with AirBnb in Morocco!

I was so grateful I had the chance to visit Morocco. Mostly because I didn’t think I would/could visit the country if I didnt have a friend who used to live there and could be my guide. I mean, I doubt that I would travel alone to Morocco. Not because of safety reason, but I also couldn’t speak the language.

We were traveling with a big group of 9, so a smart way in finding accommodation is important in order to be able to accommodate everybody but still stick to the budget. I found airbnb very handy because I could rent the whole house or the whole apartment and it’s relatively affordable.

Chefcauen Morocco travel

Airbnb in Rabat, Morocco

The first stop is Rabat, and there we rented AirBnb very close to the old Madina. Old Madina is the old town and it’s full of people selling stuff. It was a very interesting trip to find the place, because on the journey to the location is like a maze and I would likely to get lost :”)

finding the airbnb

journey to the AirBnb


what’s surrounding

When we found the AirBnb, it was beyond my expectation. The co-host who greeted us was very nice. We were welcomed and the place was very authentic. I felt like living at a local’s house.

the upper window the balcony

small bedsmy bed

a bit bigger beds more beds

the sofastill, there is a sofa

The host who welcomed us was so friendly, he even picked up some fruits from the tree in the middle of the courtyard and served it to us. It was fresh after our journey for few hours by train 😀

the tree in the middle of courtyard

After checked in, we were planning to find some food and rest because the next day we had to leave very early in the morning to catch the bus to Fez. However, around 10 pm the host came over to greet us and offer us to hang out not so far from the AirBnb. Some of us was too tired and prefered to stay. But, some of us was thinking that it will be an interesting experience. So we went and got to see walking around the neighbourhood at night.

at night

Too bad it was a very short stay. It was short but sweet, though.

AirBnb in Chefcauen, Morocco

In Morocco, we stayed in two AirBnb in two different cities. The second city was Chefcauen, the blue city. It was another amazing experience for me to stay in the blue neighbourhood. Chefcauen is a city in the north of Morocco and the buildings are painted with blue.

from the top, north of Morocco

the view from the terrace of the AirBnb

When we arrived at the AirBnb, the host was welcoming us and offered us Moroccan tea. As they showeed us our room, we were amazed with the nice interior. One thing, not every bed there were soft though!

the common area

the bed in airbnbmy bed :3

the terracethe terrace

After that we got to see around the blue village and our eyes were enjoying the blue colour of the houses there. From the local that we asked, we found out that the reason why they painted blue colour was to avoid insects. They said insects don’t like blue colour.

the plaza the plaza

blue village the blue I’m talking about

chefcauenChefcauen, blue village

I must say that this post is not sponsored, but I do have a link that can give both of us credits fo using AirBnb 🙂

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Happy travel!