My Experience with Airbnb in Iceland

Traveling to Iceland, people said that it’s gonna be expensive. It’s true, but there must be a way to save some money while we travel. I was lucky that I met another traveler and we agreed on sharing the experience together. We also share accommodation that can make the travel lighter and fit with our budget.

iceland airbnb experience

Experience with Airbnb in Iceland

In Iceland, I stayed with Airbnb for two nights in two different places. The first night was in Reykjavik, and the second night was in the southern part, in Hornafjörður. Both were nice, but my favorite is the one in the South. It is a farm house in the middle of nowhere.

farm house airbnb

The white house is my Airbnb :3

It was in the middle of nowhere, with glacier and mountain view. With clear sky and luck during September until April, you can see the Northern light here. I did, but couldn’t take a picture of it :”


Not far from the airbnb, we stumbled upon this hill with a bench on it. Very suitable spot for contemplation lol. With a seriously beautiful and calming view.

bench on the hill

For this spot in the South part of Iceland, far from the capital city, for me it is worth the 60++€ including breakfast. I mean, I got beautiful scenery, Icelandic farm house, saw the northern light and friendy host.

breakfast place at the airbnb

The breakfast bar

breakfast area

Band in the corner

This airbnb is including breakfast and it was a pretty cool place to be! 🙂

Value for experience

This place is just one example of my experience that I really enjoy. We also tried to save money by buying groceries and cook at airbnb. It was great to meet other guests in the kitchen. Sometimes you got the chance to really talk to them and exchange your travel experiences. If I was asked to whether or not I want to go back and stay there again, I would say YES!

with Icelandic dog

Have I told you that they have a lovely Icelandic dog? :3

Back to saving budget, there is bonus for first timer using this airbnb link. Both you and me will get the gift, how lovely! 🙂

Enjoy your travel and share with me your experience!