4 mistakes I did when booking the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon booking mistakes

blue lagoon mistakes

Recently I just visited Iceland. My dream trip! At first, before I went there, my to go were only the Blue Lagoon and Northern light. I know there are a lot of interesting things to see there. I just didn’t aim too high since I didn’t have a lot of budget to go everywhere. Before I share my complete stories and a lot of pictures, I would like to share mistakes that I did when I booked the Blue Lagoon.

the Blue Lagoon

1. I didn’t book early enough

Blue Lagoon is a famous destination. It is nice to see in the day, because then you can see the blue color clearly. My plan was to go there around 3pm or 4pm after my flight. But, when I was going to book it around 2 weeks before D day, it was full booked! After doing some research on the internet, it was even said that sometimes you have to book 6 months in advance. I ended up booking it at night time.

2. I didn’t bring big towel

Maybe it is just me. But, I only brought small towel from my gym in order to compress my stuff in the bag and give more room for other things. Turned out it was cold before and after getting out of the water, and my towel was not enough to cover my body.

3. I didn’t bring waterproof case

Either for my phone or my camera, I didn’t bring it. That’s why I didn’t have picture of me inside the blue lagoon šŸ™ For people who really want to document every moment, it is important. But, for me personally, enjoying the warm water and the moment itself was enough. Just feeling bad I can’t share it like now :”

4. I booked it

This point may sound controversial. I still enjoy very much the moment and opportunities there. However, there are a lot of geothermal pool in Iceland that you can try at a cheaper price. The one that I tried even less than half the price of the cheapest package in Blue Lagoon. Besides, with the local geothermal pool, even though there are some tourists too, the experience is still different and it is not commercial.

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