From Vienna to Paris

It’s time for Paris!

Vienna paris Travel

My last destination for this trip is Paris. I will also have my 2016 new year’s eve here. Lucky for me, I have a friend in Paris. My two other classmates are also going to Paris to spend the new year’s eve celebration at the Disneyland Paris. We will meet up, but I didn’t join them to Disneyland. I didn’t have the budget 😛

Even though I have friend who lives there, I still have to stay in a hostel for one night because of something. I didn’t stay at a host place using couchsurfing like in Vienna. It was hard to get a host there and it was holiday season, so people were also not in town and did travel. So, I stayed at a hostel there. I used hostelworld to find the nice hostel for me. I saw La Maison Bacana B&B had a very high rating. So, I booked two nights there.

La Maison Bacana B&B

Picture of the B&B

I met Fred, the host of the B&B and he was so nice and friendly. He’s also very helpful and fully prepared with different maps to help me explore the city alone before I met my friends. The room was nice and the B&B was nicely decorated. One thing that I will remember was also the breakfast. The breakfast was included, and it was so fulfilling. The location was also great because it was just a walking distance to the metro station.

Strolling around Paris

Notre Dame church

The Notre Dame Church

At the hostel, I met another person who traveled alone. We decided to explore around the city together and we really had a great time! Our first destination was Musee de Louvre museum. It was free for her because she is under 26 years old. While for me, I had to pay for around 12€. I wish I was younger :”)

The queue to Musee

It was around 9 am but the queue was already crazy! It was fast, but it was still a long queue with a lot of people.

Musee the Louvre

Musee du Louvre

Musee du Louvre is divided into several sections. It took us hours to finish every section. We finished around 1pm! But, it was all great. My memorable moment was when we were trying to take a picture with the famous Monalisa painting.

Monalisa smile

I know, the painting was so small. But, so many people were in queue to take a picture like this :’D

the Statue





Shakespeare Bookstore

Our next destination was the Shakespeare Bookstore. Interestingly enough, it was one of the Before Sunset movie spots. Before Sunset is the sequel of Before Sunrise. I could even see a book about Before Sunrise and Before Sunset script.

script book

It was a nice shop with some queues as well!

bench in front of Shakespeare Bookstore

But, I managed to take a picture lol

inside the bookstore

me behind the line

The bookstore sell new and second-hand book. It was nice! That was the last stop for us. We then came back to the hostel and had a good time chilling at the hostel 🙂