From Heidelberg to Vienna (Part 2)

Heidelberg Vienna travel

The journey continued..

The next day, again I had breakfast with my host. He bought me a bottle of egg liquor because he knows that I like something sweet. So kind!

After that, I went to WU Vienna. One of Vienna’s universities. I and my friends agreed to meet there because we wanted to see the building. The building was designed by world-famous architect, the late Zaha Hadid.

WU Vienna

Entrance to WU Vienna

The interior is sickening!

Interior of WU Vienna

Interior od WU Vienna

Interior of WU Vienna

I felt like we were in space ship. It was so cool, but I don’t think I would be able to concentrate if I study in that university lol

Another Movie spot in Vienna

Still about Before Sunrise. After visiting WU Vienna, we went to Albertina museum where Jesse and Celine had their last moment together before separating at the train station.

at the balcony of Albertina Museum

View from Albertina Museum's balcony

View from the Albertina Museum’s balcony

Reconstructing Jesse and Celine

Reconstructing Jesse and Celine

That marks the end of my journey in Vienna. I went back home to have time to spend it with my host again. I left some notes to say thank you for his kindness and hospitality. He spent all day practicing music, so we didn’t spend much time together. But we did have a good time drinking pina colada at a place near his house. It was nice!

At 6pm I left the house to go to the bus station. My next destination was Paris. It was a pretty long journey by bus. 13 hours before I reached Paris. I was in dilemma between saving time and saving money. But I’m a student, so saving money first and sacrifice a little on the road. Turned out, it was not always bad. I sat next to a nice girl who was willing to share her laptop and we watched Harry Potter together. We also had some conversation and ended up exchanging contact. It was a nice experience indeed. I’m making friends around the world :))

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