From Heidelberg to Vienna! (Part 1)

Heidelberg was memorable, but I had to continue my journey. I then visited Vienna. I was inspired by one of my favorite movies, Before Sunrise (1995).Ā It’s a romantic movie played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpie that took the setting in Vienna about 20 years ago. The movie is about a deep conversation that the main actors had while walking around Vienna. It inspired me to visit those movie spots that they have there while I’m here in Europe šŸ™‚

Before Sunrise

I left Heidelberg at 10.00 am and tookĀ blablacar again to go to Vienna. I was so blessed that I got a friendly and nice driver again. He was a student in Switzerland.Ā Blablacar is a carpool service. I was sharing the car with two Syrian in Germany, but too bad they couldn’t speak English so I couldn’t really share stories with them. We stopped inĀ Passau, Bavaria to have lunch at Theatercafe Regina Reeber. It was nice, I got something with salmon pizza-crepes-like. I don’t really remember the name, actually, the menu was in German and I just follow what the driver order. Turns out it’s so delicious and fulfilling, I even shared some with him.

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Theater Cafe, Passau


It was so gloomy in Passau :”


After lunch, we continue the journey and arrived in Vienna around 19.00. I have always been wanting to try to travel alone and useĀ couchsurfing to get to know the local people and travel like one. I was so lucky I got a host because it was just a day after Christmas and almost everybody was having vacation or gathering with family. When I arrived, I called my host and got direction to the house safely. My host has nice housemates, one of them even let me sleep in her room. Because it was already late, I just stayed at home and had a long conversation with my host. I introduced durian to him, still waiting for his reaction now. He promised he would try it because in Vienna there is a tropical market that sells tropical fruit.

Vienna Day and Night

The next morning I was planning to meet my friend from my pre-departure group from our scholarship (I got the scholarship from LPDP), but they were late. So, I kind of delayed my plan of leaving the house earlier and spend the time having breakfast with my host. But, because my friends still didn’t give me news about meeting up, I prefer to explore the city alone and meet up in the city center.

Parliament Building, Vienna

Parliament building, Vienna

Parliament building in Vienna

It was cool that in Vienna, there was wifi in some of the public place, especially stations. I didn’t buy any local SIM card and just counting on the wifi that I got at my host’s place and public spaces.

I and my friends were supposed to meet at MUMOK museum. But, I still had to wait for around 30 minutes even after I arrived at the museum area because they were late. I’m not complaining, though!

From Heidelberg to Vienna

Mumok Museum

From Heidelberg to Vienna

Leopold Museum

While waiting for them, I took some pictures around the area. The museums were located inside a square named Museum Quartier. It’s just a few minutes away walking from the ParliamentĀ Building. The price of the tickets for MUMOK museum was 12,5ā‚¬. But, if you are an EU student under 26 y.o, you will get a discount.

From Heidelberg to Vienna

From Heidelberg to Vienna

Learning how to pose from my 2 gurus!

After the museum, we walked around the city at night. It was still around Christmas time, so the street was full of decorations.

From Heidelberg to Vienna

Movie Spot

The next destination wasĀ Cafe Sperl. Build in the 18th century, this cafe is not only famous but also historic. And most importantly for me and my friend was, it was the spot of the movieĀ Before Sunrise that became one of the reasons why we visited Vienna!

We were so excited to be in the place where the movie shot was taken around 20 years ago. However, there was a downside. The place is extremely famous and they don’t really look for costumers anymore. People just come and the seat was always taken. What we experience was a bad service by a rude waiter (especially the one who couldn’t speak English). But, when I came back home and told about it to my host, he said that it was normal. He said, “Don’t be too friendly, because the more you smile to them, the more they don’t like it.” Of course, I didn’t take it as a general concept, but it is interesting to know how different culture meet and interact when we travel half way the world.


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