From Rotterdam to Frankfurt to Heidelberg!

When my friends asked me where I was going to spend my Christmas break, I answered Germany.

Some of my friends would ask where in Germany, some would just say “OK great, have a nice holiday!”

I went to Heidelberg to visit my uncle and family for Christmas. It was my first time seeing some of my cousins, and I felt excited yet worried, since I’m very awkward.

Rotterdam Frankfurt Heidelberg

Short but sweet in Frankfurt

From Rotterdam, I took train to go to Frankfurt first and visited my cousin there. She was under recovery, so we didn’t go out, but we had great time at home and I helped her decorated her Christmas tree. She has an airbnb there, and by the time I arrived she still had guests. Her place was nice and also had a nice location.

If you don’t know yet about what airbnb is, I wonder where you have been. But, worry not, I will write about it later 🙂

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From Frankfurt, I used blablacar, a carpooling website in Europe. I was blessed, I got a friendly driver and arrived on time in my uncle’s city, Heidelberg.

Heidelberg, beautiful old city in Germany

In Heidelberg, I spent most of the time at home with family. But, my uncle took me to the center to introduce the city to me. I liked it and I think I need to spend more time in this city.

In the picture above, we can see Heidelberg Castle.

My uncle told me about how Heidelberg is the city in Germany that survived from the bombing in World War. My uncle also showed me the river and the old castle. In the past, flood is one of the issue in the area near the river. There is a building with marks on its wall to show the highest flood that ever happened.

The highest flood was 940 m.

It was a short trip around Heidelberg, because after that my uncle will have to practice choir and my aunt was already waiting at home.

‘Till I see you again, Heidelberg 🙂


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