I learn to ride a bicycle in Netherlands! Finally!

Netherlands, country of bicycle.

When I decided to move to Rotterdam to study, I also decided to learn how to bike, my resolution since 2012!

I know, right? It’s never too late to learn something, including to achieve your resolution from 5 years ago! (as I’m writing this in 2017)

Why couldn’t I ride a bike before? Well, I tried to learn once…

But, it is difficult to cycle in Jakarta. It’s okay to live without a bike. But, in Rotterdam, cycling is like breathing. People here use bicycle as the main transportation. I kept telling myself to learn and asked my friend to teach me.

Oh, but first, I bought my second hand bike with a small size for just 85 euros. Just in case I fall, I need my feet to touch the ground as soon as possible. I bought it so that I am aware that I have spent some money on that and I will learn. I will keep postponing if I don’t buy it immediately. Transportation here is really good! I can survive without cycling, but I’m not giving myself that excuse, so I just bought the bike 😀

Did I fall before I’m getting good with bike? Of course!

There were pictures of my bruises, but my old phone was broken so I lost them all. I also had a video of me learning how to cycle, but you know the reason why I lost it. I sent videos to my parents to show that I finally can ride a bike. They were proud! :”)

Now, I cycle almost everyday, almost everywhere. It is winter here now in the Netherlands, and boy it is rainy and windy and sometimes snowy. But, I manage to cycle during the season! From zero to hero 😀 (at least to myself)

I’m sharing this story not without a lesson. I learned that everybody’s struggle is different. Yet, everybody’s timing is also different. You thing you haven’t achieved things that your friends already got now? Believing that your own time will be beautiful and don’t give up to make it happen.

Here’s a picture of me cycling