I Finally Made My Own Recycle Groceries Bag

Lately, sustainability and eco-friendly become a hot topic between me and my friends. We realize that the earth is slowly being destroyed by human act, with or without intention. Some of us come with ideas that we can do as a group, but I would rather try to do it myself and making it becomes a part of my daily life. That gives me an idea to make my own reusable groceries bag. It is not about an act to save the world, it is just simply doing what we can do.

So, yeah, I made my own groceries bag. Now that I live on my own, I have to do groceries by myself, and usually I used more than one plastic bag. Now that I had some talks with my friends about the environment, I decided to use non-plastic bag. But, as a student, I am also not keen to keep buying new things, so I was so glad when I found an (abandoned) shirt in my cupboard. I got an idea to turn it into a bag that I can use to buy my groceries. I was lucky it was a pretty big shirt 😀

T-shirt to Groceries Bag

The steps are pretty simple and the bag is very easy to make.

First, cut out the sleeves, the neck part and the below part. The picture above will show you how it looks like.

Second, make small cuts for about 5cm for the front and back part of the shirt on the bottom part. This will make it possible to tie it one by one. The picture above will show you how it looks like.

Third, I’m sorry for the not-so-clear picture. But, that’s how it looks like after I tied them one by one. One from the front and one from the back and tie them together. Do it twice so it won’t go off.

And this is the final form of the bag. Stretch the cut-out part and it’s done.

I have tried to use it when I did my groceries. A little tip is to choose a thick material to make sure it is durable if you want to go with one bag when you do groceries. Or you can make two smaller bags, it is always nicer to share the weight 😛

Here goes the picture of me trying it.

I hope more of us can make small things like this. It’s maybe not really helping the environment, but I sure feel good after not using the plastic bags 🙂