Does God answer prayers?

Hey friends!

I just want to share what happened to me recently. It is actually my friend’s experience about prayers, but I am involved in that and I think it is great to share in different perspective, so… here goes


As a brief introduction, we are a bunch of students from various countries, studying abroad in Netherlands and we are experiencing cold winter. On Friday, I invited my friend from Japan to sleepover at my place. She asked me if she could invite her friend from South Africa. I was glad and welcome them both. At my place, we were sharing life stories, including her. It’s interesting because the night before she was crying and desperate of being in new situation, far away from her lovely children and being treated not nicely by the people where she stayed at that moment.

“God, if you are there and kind to me, please don’t let me sleep here tonight”

That was more or less what she said the night before when she was sad and desperate. We had a long day at school after and I was thinking of doing something for the Friday night as a form of refreshment. Long story short, the next night she was at my place. We were having great time and exchanging wonderful conversations. I personally think that I was the answer of her prayer. And of course God used not only me, but also my other friend who invited her to come along. A couple days after, I met her and she was happy and cheerful and seems like she was gaining her spirit back. I felt glad that I could be a part of her experience in not giving up 🙂

So, does God answer prayers?

If you would like to share your stories about prayers, please do and drop some comment. 🙂